Delivering On Coca-Cola’s Promise

As a Coca-Cola distributor, we are fully aligned with the sustainability processes and philosophies of Coca-Cola.

We’re focused on water conservation, recycling and managing our carbon footprint because we want to be careful stewards of the planet we all share.

5by20 Women’s Initiative

Women, often pillars of the communities, tend to invest strongly in their families and neighborhoods. However, they remain at an economic disadvantage in almost every part of the globe. In 2010, The Coca-Cola Company announced its 5by20 initiative with a goal to help enable 5 million women entrepreneurs across the company’s global value chain by 2020. As of year-end 2016, we had helped to enable the economic empowerment of more than 1.7 million businesswomen with programs in the form of training, mentoring, micro-loans and more.

Giving Back

Since its inception in 1886, The Coca-Cola Company has always had a strong legacy of giving back. In 1984, The Coca-Cola Foundation was formally launched and it continues to be the charitable arm dedicated to strengthening and refreshing the communities we serve.

Replenishing the Water We Use

The Coca-Cola Company started a water replenishment program in 2005, and has been working with communities, governments and respected third-parties to commission and support projects that address local water needs from safe water access to watershed protection and water for productive use. Our 2005 goal was to safely return to communities and nature an amount of water equal to what we use in our beverages by the year 2020. In 2015, The Coca-Cola Company achieved our goal to replenish all of the water we use – back to communities and nature five years early. Replenishment projects evaluated in 2015, estimated over 115 percent of the water used in our global sales volume replenished.

Supplier Diversity

The Coca-Cola Company is committed to supplier diversity by maximizing procurement opportunities and proactively engaging and building partnerships with diverse suppliers. Supplier diversity is an integral component of the Company’s diversity management strategy and we believe that including our customers and consumers in our procurement strategy will help develop stronger local communities, and create long-term growth and a competitive advantage for the Coca-Cola system. We are committed to being a strong, responsible company that delivers on its promises and continues to do the right thing.

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